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After providing hunderds of coaches with very good coaching information we were forced to decide that with immediate effect the production and distribution of all DVD's are to be suspended.

This decision has been forced on us due to continuous problems with the South African Postal Services' service. Since the strike in 2014 we have had problems getting our DVD's to their destination with every single order. Either the parcels were lost or incorrectly delivered or had a huge delay in delivery time.

We are endeavouring to complete delivery of all DVD's on order.

We are currently investigating options to host the DVD's online which is also financially viable.


Hi, my name is Francois Nel and I am responsible for the development of the series of netball coaching DVDs presented by Jill McIntosh.

I came upon the idea for a netball coaching DVD based on how a netball course was presented in 2006. I organized a netball course for school teams in Durbanville, South Africa, and invited Jill McIntosh to present it. While thinking about how to make this course different than the usual ones I decided to give the coaches a set of DVDs with the activities presented by Jill instead of the usual manuals.

The original plan was to transfer the material from camera to video without editing. While watching the footage I realised that we can do so much more with the actual video footage and so the DVD series was born. We named it after the title of the first course. Jill McIntosh presents Coaching for Excellence, Netball.

The believe is that to be a special coach you need two main ingredients. They are knowledge also known as the science of coaching as well as sixth sense or better known as the art of coaching.

Our products and services are aimed at supplying netball coaches with coaching knowledge by tapping into the wealth of knowledge of the most successfull netball coach.
By presenting the information on DVDs in a course format we believe you can learn more about the art of coaching. This can be achieve through watching how she

  • addresses the players
  • explains the activities
  • positions herself
  • corrects mistakes as well as
  • praises success and effort
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1 May, 2015
Bestcoach unfortunately has to announce the immediate suspension of all their DVD's.
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